Sarah is the ghost who possesed Kasey in Bad Girls Don't Die (book). She tried to kill Megan, Alexis, Kasey's mum and dad. Her main target was Megan Wiley.


Although she was never seen in person she was described by Alexis. She had honey blonde hair and green eyes. Like Kasey when she was possesed.



Kasey WarrenEdit

Friend (former)/ possesed (former)

Kasey and Sarah met when Kasey got an antique doll which had formerly belonged to Sarah. The doll was Sarah's power source and she used Kasey as the perfect person to posses. Kasey thought Sarah was nice and was her friend, and showed a bit of a nicer side to her. Sarah even let Kasey take control of somethings.  

Alexis WarrenEdit

Enemy (former)

Sarah and Alexis met whislt Kasey was possesed. Alexis did not know it was Sarah so she called her Kasey. But she did notice the changes in her, how Kasey was acting differently, how Kasey was talking in old-fashioned language. Alexis told Kasey the story of how Sarah died and the words were flowig out of her mouth so Sarah must have had some control over her.

Megan WileyEdit

Attempted Murder Victim

Megan was the first person to know that Kasey was possesed by Sarah, although she didn't know it was Sarah. Megan was Sarah's target and Alexis knew it. For some time Megan thought is was her mum, Shara's ghost. But later she found the truth that her mum was good and wasn't out to kill her and actually when Shara died it was to protect Megan.


  • Sarah is the first ghost in the series
  • Unlike Aralt and Lydia, she is not linked to any ghost in the series
  • She tried to kill people through Kasey
  • She hit herself with a book and then switched back to Kasey making Kasey think Alexis hit her
  • Her main target was Megan
  • She killed Shara Wiley
  • She tried to kill Megan twice but failed both times