Megan Wiley is the best friend of Alexis Warren. She was Alexis' enemy but the girls became friends after Kasey went to Harmony Valley. She has been possessed twice throughout the series but is still loyal to Alexis.





Alexis Warren

Best Friend/ Attempted Murder Victim (while possesed)/ Enemy (former)Edit

they were enemies as Megan was part of the cheerleading squad and Alexis was part of the Doom Squad who call cheerleaders the clones. Later when Kasey came into Alexis's school, Megan knew that she was possessed. Megan has helped Alexis in anything paranormal to do with Kasey or other people.

Kasey Warren

Friends/ Attempted Murderer (while possessed)Edit

Kasey and Megan first met when Kasey went to Surrey High to talk to Alexis. Although Kasey was currently possessed by Sarah then, they still met. Megan knew that Kasey was possessed and told Alexis. Kasey (Sarah) tried to kill Megan like she had killed Megan's mum, Shara. When Kasey came back from Harmony Valley they seemed like friends.


  • She used to go to Surrey High but now she goes to Sacred Heart Academy.
  • She was a cheerleader
  • She was the first person to know Kasey was possessed
  • She lives with her grandmother, Mrs Wiley, because her mother was possessed and killed by Sarah and she has never met her dad.
  • She was one of Aralt's girls
  • She has attempted to kill Alexis twice under the force of Aralt